Life is bittersweet sometimes

All these people on the street

none of whom I’d like to meet

to be a phony is not a big feat

the thought is quite bittersweet.


As I get into the vomity cab

all my driver does is crab

all I hear is simple blab

my life is full of listless drab


I  get to the perverted hotel

and call someone from my cell

only response is “I’m just swell”

It is best just not to dwell…


I head out to a lousy bar

the piano man thinks he’s the star

A girl comes in who enjoys to mar

I hate the phonies so sometimes I spar


As I stroll through the park

All my thoughts are dim and dark

maybe someday I’ll overcome this arc

all I need is one little spark.


I think of a girl and reminisce

all those moments when life was bliss

but those times leave me with a kiss

and are something that I truly miss.


This girl is swooped up by a boy

who treats all his girls just like a toy

he is a jerk and acts all coy

but I know him and his vicious ploy


I miss my sister and her skates

I only have these crumby dates

Is my life up to the fates

Will I ever reach those pearly gates?


Me and my parents, we should talk

it will not come as a shock

I’ll go watch the ducks from the dock

and count down the minutes on the clock

until I move on, just like the flock.


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